Wow. That was hard…and really, really fun!

This project has been a great blessing to me from its very start. I trust you will find my new album “In The Sukkah” a journey through time and a blessing. May you be strengthened in your journey of life.

An Album That Took Years

I wrote “Jerusalem” in 1981 in California. Many years later I penned “In the Sukkah” in 2008 in Pennsylvania. 2010 and 2012 yielded “The Children Are Singing”, “Shofar”, “Following His Mitzvoth”, “You in My Life” and “Three Minutes Gone”. All were written in Pennsylvania. I started “Bourbon Street” and “Catch Me” on June 7th 2012 in Luckenbach Texas. I finished “Bourbon Street” ten days later in Pennsylvania. “Catch Me”, I finished January 7th 2013 in Pennsylvania. I wrote “Shema” and “Sing Out O Barren One” in September of 2012. Adenna Rivika and Sarah Gewartz wrote “Sim Shalom” and graciously allowed me to record it for my first Hebrew song. I am forever thankful to them.

In The Sukkah (2013)

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