Who Is Malachi Avraham?

I’m a singer. I’m a songwriter. I’m a lover of music.

Music is a means where I get lost in the moment and draw close to G-d. I love taking an idea from a seed thought, turning it into music that will get you down the road a million miles or change your prospective on this life and our place in it. I like a good cranking blues feel with a message to convey.

I do a singing tour through the hill country of Texas each year. It’s great to hear all of the inspiring songs under the trees at Luckenbach.

The New Album: In The Sukkah

Get comfortable for forty-six minutes whether you are driving in your automobile, sitting by the pool, or standing under the stars at my concert. Crank it up to concert level and enjoy the ride.

Come Along…

I hope you will be inspired as you take this musical journey with me. I trust you will find your way through this life filled with hope and blessing. May the creator of the universe pour out His great love on all the earth and upon all Israel.

No Need For Labels

In a single show I am known to bounce from “Jewish Music” to “Country Music” to “Blues” to “Southern Rock”. There’s no use trying to categorize…at some point it gets grey and it’s all just inspired music. That’s the way I like it. With a set that mixes “Bourbon Street” with “In The Sukkah” and then shifts to “Catch Me with a Cranking Harp”, you never know what’s coming next. Sometimes I don’t either.