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Enter exalted and sacred guest,
Enter exalted sacred ancestors…”

Inspiration Everywhere

Meet Malachai and see what makes him tick…or pick…and everything in between.

“The river here is wide,
The water runs deep,
The current is strong,
It will sweep you off your feet”

Live and in the Moment

Where’s Malachai? Check out where you can experience his inspirational songs in person.

“I love creating something special in writing a song.  Then connect it with a performance that inspires you.”

Your Song Is Ready

Yup. If you’ve got the musical chops, he’s got the song.

Learn how Malachai works with performers to craft the perfect song or album. Your’s could be next!

"Songwriting is the idea. Music is the instrument where creativity and rhythm merge
and explodes in performance. "